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Saturday, March 12, 2011

babies moving

The other day, my foster mommy was able to witness the kicking of one of the little ones in my belly. She was like a preschooler who just met Elmo in person.

I am getting along well. I'm still able to jump on the bookshelf to look out the window, and then quickly jump down to greet my foster mommy and daddy. My belly is getting bigger everyday, and that bowl of food.. well let's just say I'm eating a little more than I normally would of. (ok, ok..  ALOT more) but it's ok, I'm supposed to fill up right now!

One of the most fun things right now, is not holding still. Mom wants to feel my babies kick EVERYTIME she comes in my room. But I'd much rather have my ears and head scratch. So, now I'm making a game out of it, and have to keep moving around. But tonight, she was able to feel more of what I feel all the time. The babies were moving around a good amount for her to feel.

I'm still technically a kitten, so I do like to play some. If there's a ball or toy around, I'll bat it around. But for the most part, I just lie around and then enjoy the attention I get when someone's in the room. I've got a little voice and make sure everyone hears me. My daddy thinks I have a funny cry and a weird (maybe liquidy) purr. Whatever.. he's silly and I'm cute so it doesn't matter. I do like napping under the covers with my foster daddy.

Hopefully we'll see some kitties soon. And hopefully, my great Aunt Christine will have her baby soon, better be before mine, since I'm at least a week or two out.

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